We are listed Dealer & installers for Electron tops and Robbins Tops
 and warranty center


1938 Ford , TCI frame ,crate drivetrain , full Leather interior  & wool carpeting just one of the hundreds I have done in my thrity years in the business


This custom tent ...yes tent... I built it the spring of 2007 for the Architecture Department it is going to Tanzania Africa where a team of Doctors will be living in the top of it ,while the bottom is a portable Lab for research... this tent took 200 yards of sunbrella canvas and about 2 miles of sewing ..this was a challange to talior fit it to the frame ...it features a sewn in room with screening all around !!!


I can make any interior design you desire

or Design it for you


I do take a lot of pride in my work as shown in this 1932 Studebaker.. all my customers get  personal attention to details such as heavy thread ,wide stitches,quality inspected materials and last but not lease ...craftsmanship


Rodger Jennelle's Nomad won the Goodguys Chevy pick in 2004

upholstered in ultra leather with wool carpet

if you can please him you can please anybody