I have done thousands of motorcycle seats of all types .... here is a 2009 Crossbones seat upholstered in Distressed leather .

I sew my seats all the way around meaning ..I even sew the bottom edge under the seat for a profession finished appearance and durability


Another custom seat ... I do custom embossing of your design ... seat shown upholstered in leather


Custom built bad to the bone bike
 .....I built the recessed seat ,
which was very difficult.
 I made the pan out of Aluminum
 which I Tig welded
then used aircraft foam for padding
 covered in ultra leather

Future Obama Ride ( I Hope you can take a joke)
custom leather interior in a peddle car ,that's saving gas this could be the future !!!!!
I credit my skills from my parents
and Gods blessing
I credit my livelyhood and living to my Family and Customers
I also use and liveby old fashion ethics and
treat all my customers  with the upmost Respect


Photo of one of my Daughters riding

my custom built 74 c.i. 1923 Harley Board track Racer



Custom leather interior in a completly restyled  Tailgate Party RV done at  my shop

I do interior repairs the professional way it should be done with new matching material, needle and thread ,Factory finish and appearance, this is  what my customers deserve and get from my shop,

Not a cheap glue and patch job like you see on TV or what my competitors   do with their get rich quick schemes